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Breakfast in Sterling Ridge

As we've lamented before, it's not an easy task to get us out of bed during "normal" breakfast hours. But that doesn't keep us from dining out for breakfast every now and again, usually because someone with whom we are meeting insists on having "normal" offices hours. Thankfully, a number of breakfast restaurants in The Woodlands serve breakfast until mid-day, or in some cases, all day. Sunny Street Cafe is one such restaurant, so we stopped in on our way out to Magnolia the other day and got that most important meal of the day out of the way.

the breakfast place

She Said

Don't misunderstand - the coffee at Sunny Street Cafe is really good - they serve Gevalia Premium Roast Coffee. Plus, they give you a variety of flavored creamers to brighten your never-ending cup of hot caffeine. But since we just had to meet a client at Starbucks before breakfast, I was already well-caffeinated before we arrived. I mean, really - who goes to Starbucks for a meeting and resists the siren song of that warm, fresh roasted coffee aroma?

Anyway, I've been trying to cut back a bit lately (you realize we eat out a lot) so I opted for a little something from the lighter fare menu this particular morning. I ordered a Breakfast Sundae ($6.99), which comes with two small muffins of the day. My choices were blueberry, bran and chocolate chip. Yeah, yeah, I said I was cutting back, but hey! Chocolate is good for you! (In a slightly related note, a recent study found that having chocoloate at breakfast actually helped dieters to lose weight and not regain weight later.) The Breakfast Sundae is a generous bowl of fruit, including the usual suspects of honeydew and canteloupe, as well as pineapple, strawberries and red seedless grapes, all up underneath strawberry yogurt and crunchy granola. All of the fruit appeared very fresh and not soggy or canned. Of course no one can control what one piece of fruit may taste like compared to another, but they can control where they buy their fruit, and it's clear that Sunny Street purchases quality ingredients. I enjoyed the yogurt, but unfortunately didn't care as much for the granola. It was a little chewier than I would have liked, and it included raisins, which had a tendency to stick to my teeth. The fresh-baked muffins were delicious. I intended to eat just one, but when I received chocolate-chocolate chip muffins, instead of what I thought would be regular chocolate chip, all bets were off.


He Said

It'd been a while since we'd stopped in at Sunny Street Cafe, and we noticed they added a few new items to the menu. Feeling adventurous (maybe is was the caffeine high), I went for something a little different and ordered the Black Bean Quesadilla ($7.59), a huge flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, black beans, tomatoes, corn, onions, cheese, and cilantro. The only thing missing from this might have been some chicken but you would never know it. This is one hearty breakfast meal. As a general rule, I usually grab for the black pepper to give my eggs a little kick but this little dish knew I was coming and had the spice to prove it. The tortilla is overflowing with all the good stuff and yes, it can be bit messy for finger food but using a fork would take to long to satisfy my tastebuds... well maybe not because in reality, this is one breakfast meal that I want to enjoy, again and again. Kind of makes it worth the drive to the western side of The Woodlands.


The Wrap Up

Sunny Street Cafe is a good choice for breakfast in The Woodlands. The variety of choices on the menu lends itself to allowing one to try different dishes each time they visit - or to return for a traditional favorite. Sunny Street also offers a diverse lunch menu with half-pound angus burgers, steak, chicken and tuna sandwiches and wraps, soups, salads and quiche but they are not open for dinner.

In the many times we've eaten at Sunny Street, neither of us recall ever sending a dish back, which speaks to the professionalism of the kitchen staff; even with special requests, dishes are served hot, timely and correctly. In addition to a well-run kitchen, the servers are always friendly and helpful. When we have coffee, our cups rarely dip below a quarter full, and questions about ingredients or recommendations are answered without hesitation. Next time you're out towards 'the back of The Woodlands' stop in and say Hello to Jeanine or James, a couple of the best servers we've had the pleasure of meeting in some time.

Sunny Street Cafe has since closed and re-opened as "The Breakfast Place".

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