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We haven't had the opportunity yet to try out the new Dosey Doe - Breakfast & BBQ (or DDBBBQ), so when a friend said he was stopping in for lunch, I asked him if he'd take some notes and a few pictures to share with us.

Mike's not one for "Foodie Fame," but having numerous years of cooking and grilling experience (a god among men when it comes to the arts and crafts of kitchenery, really) I knew we could trust his opinion. I also thought - carnivore that he is - he'd love the assignment; who wouldn't want to share about a mostly-meat meal from a restaurant seemingly built for the sole purpose of serving barbecue they profess to be so good they build the place around it?

Well... Here's how it went:


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Corkcscrew Barbecue Review

From Humble Beginnings

Corkscrew BBQ has landed in a permanent home, after several years as a traveling, catering only business. The newly repainted, pink on black (their signature colors) trailer has been all but permanently parked just up Budde Road from the Sawdust Road Commuter Parking area and the Orwall Baseball and Softball fields. The location is perfect, albeit a bit hidden from Sawdust Road, it allows for a healthy amount of traffic to see and stop by on your way home from the office, before and after a good game, or anytime the mood strikes you for a good plate of barbecue.

Corkscrew BBQ The Early Days

corkscrew barbeque the woodlands

We sat down with Will and Nichole, owners, chef and chief bottle washers of Corkscrew, to sample their wares and find out more about their plans to become one of the best Barbecue Restaurants in The Woodlands. They were happy to share their experiences with the trial and errors, sweat and tears they've had along the way, and why this is exactly what they want to be doing. For starters, Will grew up in the barbecue business.

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Country Time Barbecue Review

Barbecue Spring Texas

And we begin our fourth-most Barbecue Restaurant Review, we invite you to proceed with a sense of caution, as what we might express to you could be louder than what you thought you heard. Why do you suppose that people choose where they will dine at one particular venue versus another, on a repeat basis? The answer can be broken down to a very simple possibility, either A: They like the food, B: They always get good service, or C: both A & B are true. Below these more upper level type truths lie a whole swarm of conditions that must also be met prior to even being considered being worthy of an 'upper truth'. These other requirements can sometimes be more of a why you "definitely should not" marker, than a "I'll be back" marker depending on one's own level of tolerance for these things.

Country Time Barbecue has a giant stop light at the entrance


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Mama J's BBQ Review

Mama J's BBQ & Grill

When we write about barbecue, we try to not compare everyone against each other. For one thing, there is not any one "right" way to do barbecue. For that matter, there isn't even any one way to do Texas barbecue - not only is barbecue different across the state, it's wildly different across the country. Everything from the cuts of meat, to the way it's cut, to the way it's prepared to the barbecue sauce itself have differences some being more extreme than others. A stroll down the condiment aisle in your favorite grocery store can attest to this. Instead, we endeavor to find the nuances and differences between the various barbecue joints. Actually, when it comes right down to it, I guess you could say we try to do that with all the cuisines. As in life, things just doesn't always work out that way. "The best laid plans..." and all that.

Sliced Beef Baked Potato

barbecue brisket baked potato

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Spring Creek BBQ Review

Barbecue in Shenandoah

There are a number of barbeque Restaurants from which to choose in The Woodlands so why should you patronize one or the other? Texas and barbeque go hand in hand around here and some of us are creatures of habit. That is to say many of us are seemingly devoted to one particular provider of smoked meats and baked potatoes. So, if you are one of those devotees to a certain barbeque establishment, consider this, there are 9 or more BBQ restaurants in The Woodlands, so why not try an alternate provider? Maybe your just scared that you might like another's better than your current favorite? Well don't be, cuz you can always go back to compare once more.

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