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Woodson's Local Tap The Woodlands Review

Woodson's Local Tap & Kitchen

Woodson's Local Tap and Kitchen is a recent addition to the Marcel Crossing on FM 1488. You may recognize the name, "Marcel" Commons Shopping Center as the Marcel Group has built multiple retail centers with (initially) similar names all around Houston. What you won't (currently) find replicated is Woodson's Local Tap + Kitchen. The shorter name and website for this new venture, "Woodson's Local Tap and Kitchen" is Woodson's Bar. This being the first week after having opened, Woodson's Local Tap was bustling with patrons eager to try out the new bar and eatery at the entrance to Carriage Hills.

Chicken Fried Steak

The Chicken Fried Steak at Woodson's Local Tap


The Southwest Chicken Fried Steak is different than what you will find at other area restaurants.

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Tailgator's Pub Review

Tailgators Pub & Grill

Magnolia, Texas

Sports Bars, Pubs, Grills, Bars, bars, bars... They all share a few things in common - televisions on every wall, some number of culinary concoctions, and of course, plenty of beer and booze. In this regard, Tailgators Pub & Grill is no different. But beyond that, the similarities begin to disperse. While at a "typical" bar, if you could get food at all, you wouldn't expect it to be good, nor even want to imagine how it's being prepared. But on our most recent trip to Tailgators in Magnolia, we were pleasantly surprised. For the first time in a long time, we had not only good service, but good - nay, let's call it great - food.

The Cajun Turkey Melt at Tailgators Pub and Grill in Magnolia

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Tewbeleaux's Sports Bar Review

Tewbeleaux's Sports Bar & Grill

The population in south Montgomery County continues to grow, thanks in part to companies like Exxon-Mobil moving their world headquarters to nearby SpringWoods Village. Tewbeleaux's Sports Bar, has found great success along with a few other eateries on Rayford Road in Spring, such as Pallotta's Mexican Grill (no relation to Pallotta's Italian Grill in Oak Ridge North). But while Pallotta's Mexican's success seems to be built simply on their convenient location, Tewbeleaux's success is definitely built on their superior quality food and great customer service. And it's that emphasis on fresh food and good service that has helped Tewbeleaux's become a favorite location for Fish and Chips, handily surpassing Tailgator's - the sports bar from which Tewbeleaux's was born.

We mention the emphasis on the great customer service because that is what you get at Tewbeleaux's in Spring. In this particular case, our server was prompt and attentive right up through the end of meal, though there was a delay in getting the check. We asked a passing server if she knew the whereabouts of our server as we hadn't seen her in a few minutes, and she said she would check on her for us. But in the few short minutes before our server reappeared, both the server manager and the general manager both came by our table to apologize for the delay. This being the only snag, albeit a very minor one, our dining experience was enjoyable. Also, we like that all of the staff wears a badge with their name and title (management) so it's easy to know who you are talking to. Based on the crowd of people there at 5:30 - 6:30 pm on a nice Saturday afternoon, Tewbeleaux's must be doing a lot of things the right way.

Tewbeleaux's Spring Texas

tewbeleauxs sports bar and grill

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Fox and Hound Review

Fish & Chips in Shenandoah

There are likely a dozen or more places to get Fish and Chips in The Woodlands. This popular food item of the British name is really nothing more than good old southern fried food. Even though I am trying to avoid fried foods, and burgers, it's easier said than done; having grown up eating all sorts of delicious foods all cooked up in that hot oil. I remember sitting in a McDonald's several years ago when I picked up one of their French fries and began to squeeze it and mash it down to a pulp like state and all of the oil that came out of it... That was one of the things that contributed to my never eating there again, as well not eating any French fries from anywhere for a very, very long time.

He Said

Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips

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Stadia Sports Bar Review

Sports Bar & Grille at Market Street

Stadia Sports Bar The Woodlands is located on the back side of the Hyatt Hotel in the Market Street retail area of Town Center. Stadia might very well have the most televisions per square foot of any public facility in The Woodlands. Not only do they have dozens of nice-sized flat panel TVs that you can easily see from every seat in the house, many booths also have personal size TVs at the tables as well. Depending on your age and or travel experience, you might be familiar with older restaurants that offered a control unit for the juke box on each table. In what might be perceived as an add-on for the couch potato, Stadia has a TV at your table.

Stadia Nachos

Stadia Plain Style Nachos

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Bar Louie Review The Woodlands

Nightlife along the Waterway

Bar Louie Waterway Nightlife

It's always fun to be one of the first among your friends and peers to get to try the new place first, and we were excited to get that chance this time around when Bar Louie sent out the call for test subjects to their soft opening. While on the one hand, you want to sit back and be all judgmental about any apparent flaws, on the other it's kind of awe-inspiring to look around and in between the swirling energy of servers, bartenders, bussers and diners to realize the 1,001 things that had to go right to get to opening day. All things considered, I'd rather launch a website than open a restaurant.

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Tewbeleaux's Sports Bar & Grill Review

Tewbeleaux's - Spring, TX

Having business with a client down Rayford Road, it never ceases to amaze us how much the area surrounding Imperial Oaks continues to grow. For those that miss the Kroger that was once on Sawdust - if you didn't know it, they moved down Rayford to anchor the Imperial Oaks shopping center. That same center is also home to several other restaurants, including Pallotta's Mexican Grill (not actually related to Pallotta's Italian Grill in Oak Ridge North). Just a little further eastwards on Rayford will bring you to even more growth, with a smattering of other restaurants along the way, including Tewbeleux's Sports Bar. Tewbeleaux's, previously known as Tailgator's, changed their name when their ownership structure changed this past summer. Chip Jackson, founder of Tewbeleaux's explains the name: "as a kid growing up in the suburbs in and around Spring, Texas we played football in the streets...

We could not tackle on the street, although several a spirited contests ended up that way. So how did we tackle you ask? By slapping both hands on our opponent's body anywhere below the waistline. Doing so constituted a "Tackle". We affectionately referred to this as "Two Below" Football." He also states that he takes an alternative meaning of the "two-hand touch" when it comes to the food and service available at Tewbeleaux's Cajun Theme Bar & Grill.

tewbeleauxs sports bar and grill

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Crow's Nest Bar Review

The Crow's Nest

The Crows Nest Bar recently opened in Oak Ridge North, just off of the I45 North feeder in what was originally a Dairy Queen. Sorry to say that the drive thru has been closed for a long time. Long time residents of the area may recall that the roughly 20 year old building has seen various incarnations including a carpet outlet as well as PV Rentals split by several years of vacancy. For those of us with enough years of experience who can recall what the early style Dairy Queen stores were like, the building is an icon of Dilly Bars and soft serve cones filled with cold, sweet vanilla and chocolate goodness.

The Crows Nest Oak Ridge North, Spring Texas

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