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Black Walnut Cafe Review

Brunch at Black Walnut Cafe

A popular brunch spot in The Woodlands is The Black Walnut Cafe and we stopped in for a Saturday Brunch. Though the line at the counter wasn't very long when we arrived, the uncoordinated movements of the staff made it seem as though it was. Black Walnut Cafe is a order-at-the-counter, get a hockey puck, and seat yourself kind of place. Not that it's immediately obvious that it works that way; you have to realize when (and if) you grab a menu by the front door that your next step is to head past the bar and find the service counter all the way at the back where you can order. Black Walnut Cafe doesn't actually offer a "Brunch" menu, but several items make the crossover from the "Breakfast/Lunch" and "Lunch/Dinner" menus; so she could have breakfast, and I had lunch.

Breakfast Croissant

Breakfast Croissant


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Crisp Woodlands Brunch Review

Brunch at Crisp in The Woodlands

Our first venture into Crisp Woodlands was just about a year ago today, when they first opened (April 2015). That meal was by invitation, but we've returned a number of times since then on our own accord. One meal we haven't had the pleasure of trying before today, however, was brunch. Have we mentioned before how we're not really morning people? Because I'm sure that we have. If you, like us, aren't really up for a meal when the sun comes up, that's perfectly alright with Crisp - their brunch menu is served until 3:00 PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Crisp The Woodlands

Weekend Brunch at Crisp Woodlands

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59 Diner Review

The Woodlands 59 Diner

They Got 59 Problems - and the Location Ain't One

The selection of all-day breakfast restaurants in The Woodlands has been lacking for some time now. There are a number of restaurants which offer fantastic breakfasts, but those tend to have either limited hours in which breakfast is served, or they only serve breakfast on certain days, or they are only open until early afternoon. For those of us that might want breakfast for dinner, then (or lunch, for that matter) we've been limited to pretty much only national chain restaurants.

Fifty Nine Diner The Woodlands

Hot Coffee @ 59 Diner The Woodlands

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Sunny Street Cafe Review

Breakfast in Sterling Ridge

As we've lamented before, it's not an easy task to get us out of bed during "normal" breakfast hours. But that doesn't keep us from dining out for breakfast every now and again, usually because someone with whom we are meeting insists on having "normal" offices hours. Thankfully, a number of breakfast restaurants in The Woodlands serve breakfast until mid-day, or in some cases, all day. Sunny Street Cafe is one such restaurant, so we stopped in on our way out to Magnolia the other day and got that most important meal of the day out of the way.

the breakfast place

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Sunny Side of the Street Review

A Cloudy Day at Sunny Side

It was a leisurely Saturday and after having slept in, we were looking for a breakfast restaurant that offered bacon and eggs beyond the "normal" hours. Having heard good things about them, and wanting to try something new for brunch, we decided to visit Sunny Side of the Street, on FM 2920 in Spring. The menu at Sunny Side of The Street isn't as large as some other places like IHOP or Denny's, but this also isn't one of those chains were everything is shipped in and has to be the same at every location, either. Sunny Side is an independent, breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant that has the potential to become a mainstay in the community. And as an independent, has the opportunity to modify items for that community.


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Blue Mug Breakfast Review

Blue Mug Cafe The Woodlands

Blue Mug Cafe recently opened in The Woodlands (one month ago as of this review) and we arrived just prior to end of breakfast service. The atmosphere was bustling when we arrived and continued to be steady, with a consistent flow of patrons lining up at the counter eager to place their order(s). If you have not yet eaten at The Blue Mug Cafe, be sure to put them on your list. Grab a menu by the front door, head past the bar, and you will find the service counter where you can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Breakfast is currently served on Saturday & Sunday until 2pm.

Brûléed French Toast

French Toast The Blue Mug Cafe

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Dosey Doe Big Barn Breakfast Review

Old Time Breakfast at the Big Barn

When I think of an old-fashioned country breakfast it usually conjures up images of a rustic little café in a small Texas town that serves homemade biscuits on tables covered with red and white checkered tablecloths. I don't consider nationwide chains when hankering for a 'county breakfast.' But I wanted to find a homemade breakfast within earshot, and not have to spend a half a day and a half a tank of gas looking for a café in a rural Texas town. Then in the deep recesses of my mind I remembered reading something that said Dosey Doe served breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.

Country Breakfast

Breakfast at Dosey Doe Review

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Another Broken Egg The Woodlands Review

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Biscuit Beignets

Beignets on the Broken Egg Cafe Patio


True to our word, we returned this weekend for a second breakfast at Another Broken Egg Café at the Portofino Center in Shenandoah. We originally visited about a month ago, but having been in a bit of a rush at the time and arriving on opening day, we chose to wait to review our initial meal and give them some more time to grease the squeaky wheels. Based on the stated 45-minute wait when we arrived at just after 11:00 on Saturday, clearly we weren't the only ones looking to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

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Katz's Express Breakfast Review

Katz's Express Breakfast

We've been eating Breakfast at Katz's Express for awhile now, and always had a good experience along with their great food. It's one of our favorite places for weekend breakfast, weekday breakfast however may be a different story. Or maybe it was just that particular day.

And so it begins... As our caffeine systems were running a bit heavy with blood, we were more than ready for some fresh hot coffee with our breakfast. We were advised that the coffee is now made to order and would therefore be delayed a few minutes. Approximately 10 minutes later we were informed that the there was some sort of mishap with the first pot and it would be even longer till we got our first taste of java. Shortly thereafter our breakfast arrived. Still no coffee, but Kim, the manager came by and assured us that it would be ready very soon. Minutes later another staff member came by and picked up our coffee cups then finally returned them filled with that famous hot beverage.

Kolossal Cinnamon Roll

Katz's Kolossal Cinnamon Roll

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