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Tex Mex Restaurants

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Berryhill Baja Grill The Woodlands

Berryhill Baja Grill

Like many of our readers, we've been to Market Street in The Woodlands a number of times and often stop in at one of the local eateries while we are there. Among the choices is Berryhill Baja Grill & Cantina which offers Baja-style Mexican fast food. Over the years, the food quality seemed to remain pretty consistent but our most recent visit did not meet our expectations. Berryhill is definitely not Tex-Mex and generally has a softer taste profile similar to authentic-Mexican food although the dishes are far from authentic. The staff was upbeat, prompt and friendly yet, that's not why were there. That being said, the food at Berryhill could be more exciting and maybe we would find it to be if it weren't for all of the great Tex-Mex restaurants in The Woodlands.

Berryhill Soft Tacos

Soft Tacos at Berryhill Baja Grill The Woodlands

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Patron Azteca Review

Tex Mex in Magnolia

The constantly growing number of Mexican Style Restaurants in The Woodlands simply reinforces the popularity of Tex-Mex style food in southeast Texas. While many of them openly market themselves as "Tex-Mex," some consider their food to be "authentic Mexican," and a few could be considered Indefinido Restaurante Mexicano. One of the newest additions to The Woodlands area is Patron Azteca, over in the area sometimes known as "Magwoods", an area which is very close to The Woodlands and in the ETJ of Magnolia, Texas, but not formally "in" either of them. This recent addition to our local Tex-Mex scene has claimed the space previously held by Texas Beer Garden, and has a much more comfortable interior rather than the stark, and unbalanced decor and seating it previously offered. The freshly painted walls exude bright colors and Mexican artwork and the plethora of bench seats all feature the logo of the proud, new establishment.

Chips & Salsa

Chips, two salsas puried beans Patron Azteca Mexican Restaurant

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Torchy's Tacos Review

Torchy's Comes To The Woodlands

Look! Up in the sky!! Is it Cupid? Or is it Torchy? Either way, we're pretty sure it's love... based on the size of the crowd that had already gathered (and wrapped around the building) when we arrived for the soft opening tonight at Torchy's Tacos in the Cochran's Crossing Shopping Center here in The Woodlands.

In this first look, we'll go easy on Torchy's Tacos. After all, Torchy's doesn't officially open until tomorrow, and having a crowd that wraps around the entire building before you even begin your soft opening service can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned restaurateur. But we enjoyed our evening and the polite conversation with David, the "Head Mixologist" we spoke with at the bar.


Trying to save enough room to sample a wide variety of tacos, we stuck with the absolute basic of chips and queso. Torchy's Green Chili Queso is delightful; none of that runny yellow "cheese" that so many "Authentic" Mexican restaurants try to pass off as queso. Torchy's queso has a thick and varied flavor to it, letting you pick up on the subtle nuances of the queso fresco, cilantro and Torchy's signature Diablo hot sauce. ($5.25)

Chips & Salsa

Cluck You BBQ Pizza

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El Bosque Mexican Review

Tex-Mex Restaurant at Portofino Center

We hear (fairly often) that people enjoy eating at El Bosque Mexican Restaurant in Shenandoah, along the east side of Interstate 45 north. Previously located on the west side in a smaller location, the popularity of this restaurant grew enough that a larger facility was in order and they relocated to the strip center just north of Sam's Club, in Portofino. We've eaten at both of these locations but, have yet to eat at the either of the two, sister locations in Conroe. The chips were fresh, colorful and crisp while the salsa was very boring and tasted of beef broth rather than anything close to Tex Mex. We arrived just before dinner time on a Friday afternoon and while the main dining room was busy, I don't recall it as being full. There was only one other active table in the same room when we arrived, but the entire restaurant was surprisingly full at the time of our departure

Chips and Salsa

fried tortilla chips

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Chuy's Tex Mex Review

Chuy's The Woodlands

The first time that we ate at Chuy's Tex Mex in The Woodlands, we actually didn't plan on writing a review.- it was really just your average "I dunno, what do you want for dinner" kind of night, and we figure that most chain restaurants get enough publicity. But more than that, we've been curious about a little something we noticed a few months ago, so we thought we'd ask Eric, the manager that was on duty: What happened to the frogs? For a while the three -- the guitar player, saxophone player with a sombrero, and maracas player with a coconut bra -- stood on the roof of the Chuy's in The Woodlands but, had recently disappeared. According to an article on Roadside America, they were originally a sextuplet before being split into two groups and one set was subsequently sold to Chuy's Mexican Restaurants.

Chuy's Frogs Shenandoah The Woodlands

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Guadalajara Hacienda Review

Tex Mex | The Woodlands Mall

Yes, the title is correct. Guadalajara Hacienda The Woodlands is actually located in Shenandoah Texas; at least that's the municipality that collects taxes from them. Do you want proof of this declaration? You may wonder how it is that the restaurant can be in Shenandoah when it is clearly, physically located in a shopping center which anyone would likely consider to be in The Woodlands. Well I will tell you - when looking at a map of Shenandoah, you will find that the city of Shenandoah actually has a small strip of right-of-way land that follows alongside the feeder road and then opens up to encompass Guadalajara Hacienda. Sounds really sneaky doesn't it? Well, that's just the way Shenandoah rolls.

Chips & Salsa

Chips & Salsa Guadalajara

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Cisco's Salsa Company Review

Mexican Style Food in Tomball

For many of us, real Mexican food is actually pretty bland until you add some Jalepéno's or chili peppers but those things don't really give the food any actual flavor, they just make it hot. Fans of Chili's and other peppers may argue the point but, we aren't trying to iniciar una pelea (start a fight). Enchiladas, Tacos, sopapillas, or maybe fajitas? Fajitas aren't actually "Mexican" but came about when this style of cooking became popular once it crossed over the border.

We have been sampling several of the local restaurants serving Mexican style food many of which describe themselves as Tex Mex restaurants. If you haven't noticed there are quite a few Tex Mex restaurants in The Woodlands, too many if you ask us. Tex Mex is quite popular in Texas and you can find all manners of vendors wanting your pesos.

Chips & Salsa

chips salsa

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El Chaparro Mexican Grill Review

Tex-Mex? Mex-Mex? Or Both?

azul margarita El Chaparro

When everyone at the table falls hopelessly in love with the appetizer, you know the rest of the meal is just going to be smooth sailing. That's what happened the other night when we invited some friends to join us at El Chaparro on FM 1488 in Magnolia.

Though we'd dined at El Chaparro on at least two other occasions before, we'd never written up the experience. But as The Woodlands continues to grow and expand to its outer reaches to the north and west, this far corner has steadily become more popular - we've heard the area lovingly referred to as "Mag-Wood." Our friends had never been to El Chaparro, as they, like us, live in "the front" of The Woodlands. After our dinner, however, they vowed to return. But I'm getting ahead of myself...


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Los Arcos Mexican Kitchen Review

Tex-Mex at College Park

With nearly 40 Mexican Style Restaurants in The Woodlands, it can take a long time to get around to all of them. Many of them openly market themselves as "Tex-Mex," some consider their food to be "authentic Mexican," and a few could be considered Indefinido Restaurante Mexicano. One of the newest additions to The Woodlands is Los Arcos Mexican Kitchen, over in the Windvale Shopping Center in Alden Bridge. We stopped in for dinner on Saturday, around 6:00 PM. It should have been busy, we thought. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) it wasn't, and we were ushered right in, to the table of our choice.

Chips & Salsa

Chips and salsa Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant

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